FaceCo Clinical Series 5D Lipo!

A 5 Dimensional approach to Body ReShaping

and Body Contouring.

Reshape your Body!  Exclusive FaceCo Body Zone Mapping. A multidimensional approach to rid the body of the unwanted buldges and slacking skin.

5D Lipo targets Fat Reduction, Cellulite Reduction, Skin Tightening, and Lymphatic Drainage.  A trademark approach to remedy the body of these unwanted conditions without the need for surgery or downtime.  The Face Company has developed a unique protocol. Results guaranteed!















Fat Reduction Lipo Freeze
The cells in our body react to cold at different temperature levels.During the "fat freezing" procedure, the sophisticated device's hand piece is pressed against the area to be treated thanks to the contemporary action of vacuum aspiration and support of an elastic band. The Lipo Freeze System  begins with slight vacuum pressure and a short duration of Red LED pre treat to prepare the area by softening the adipose tissue and stimulating collagen response.

​A cycle of intense cold (-5degC) starts within the hand piece head and only the fat cells in that area are affected. After the procedure the cooled fat cells begin a process called "apoptosis", which bring them to a natural physiological death. During this cycle, the treatment site is calmed with the Green LED Technology. Afterwards the body reacts with an inflammatory response that causes the body to naturally dispose of the damaged fat cells.

The procedure allows a significant improvement in the shape of the treated area. Results are seen after 2 weeks and improve progressively over a period of about 3 months.


SkinTightening RF Tripolar

Skin Tightening is achieved with our exclusive FaceCo Clinical Series body contour system.  A tripolar Radio Fluence handpiece glides over the zone site delivering waves of radio head.  These waves of radio heat encourage collagen to renew and build, while strengthening the superficial elasticity, giving the skin more structure and support.


Cellulite Reduction Suction and Cold LED

Cellulite Reduction is achieved with our exclusive FaceCo Clinical Series Body Contour System.  A suction and mechanical massage is utilized to manipulate the cellulite structures to have a more uniform appearance.  Cold Light Laser is emitted during this process to encourage health cell activity.


Lympatic Drainage Ultrasound Therapy

Lymphatic Drainage is achieved with our exclusive FaceCo Clinical Series Body Contour System.  Ultrasonic waves penetrate the fatty bodies, creating cellular vibration, encouraging fat cells to dispose of the toxins and wastes.  This action encourage cellular activity to return to a healty metabolic rate and assists in the release of waste products.  These actions contribute to the bloated fat cells to return to a normal healthy state.